As promised in our recent earth day newsletter, we want to shine a spotlight on the materials we use to create our products, why we love them and why they are good to our planet.

The first in this open series is our Cotton Rag Papers.


KUK, ANUKET & SESHAT - our first ever print series made using beautiful cotton rag & banana leaf paper

We proudly source all of our papers from a small independent business, Khadi, established in the 1980’s who have been working with their Indian paper mill for over 20 years. Based just outside the village of Tarihal in Karnataka, the mill employs over 60 men and women in local villages in this region of south west India.


The 100% cotton rag used for this paper stock comes from recycled t-shirt offcuts. Cotton rag uses longer fibres compared to the standard cotton pulp used in regular paper making which is more fluffy. Genuine rag papers, such as the stock we use, are much more strong and durable. The rags are churned and broken down into a pulp, with a neutral pH solution, which means they are completely acid free.

The run-off water generated by the mill is used to irrigate the local organic farm, growing mangoes, bananas and other veg.

images via Khadi

images via Khadi


Each sheet of rag paper is made individually by hand. Using a wooden framed paper mould with wire mesh, the pulp is scooped into the mould, sticking to the mesh and allowing the water to drain. There is a removable frame on top of the mould called a deckle, it is the deckle which gives rag paper its distinctive textured edges

After the mould has been lifted form the pulp vat, the formed paper sheet is laid in between two layers of wool felt to absorb excess moisture.

The papers are then hung up like laundry to dry.


The wonderful irregularities and hand made nature of each sheet is what made us fall in love with this material, it was the first paper stock aeand ever used and will remain a core part of our print series.

Made from 100% natural, recycled and acid free materials


our latest limited edition print series ‘ MUSEUM’

printed onto 70 x 100cm sheets of beautiful cotton rag paper

Alessandra Chambers